Vmarker Prototype
The primary application of the Vmarker is an interactive digital whiteboard. Using the Vmarker you transform your computer and projector into a interactive digital whiteboard. With use of an IR pen you can interact with software programs on the whiteboard. A common example is drawing on the whiteboard.... It uses some of the latest technologies.
I need for the project to use a very fast arm microcontroller, the cortex M3, because of all the calculation that needed to be done. Also this give me a very flexibel design throught the use of a very capaceble chip and also the custom usb bootloader that I have written.
The EE-BOT is a remote controlled robot. The main control is a website with a live video stream. Everything is handmade on the robot except the wireless module and the camera. I have designed the webserver pcb which is a small AVR/ENC28J60 based configuration, the main ultrasonic object detection and the main motor driver pcb.
In my free time I have builded some nixie clocks. The first version was with software step-up power supply, the seconde version used a dedicated IC for that, the MAX1771. Here is a video of the old one. It uses a atmega88.